In the early 1990s, satellite TV systems included home dishes that were bulky and expensive.  Because of this, many private homes didn’t feel interested in getting one, and only the super die-hard TV addicts actually went through the expense and hassle of installing a satellite dish.  It simply was not the choice among the public, especially with broadcast TV and cable TV around.

But look around now, and you’ll see that most homes have compact dishes sitting on rooftops all around the United States.  Especially in rural areas where cable TV is unavailable, the people turn to satellite TV systems to appease their TV cravings.  Now, even homes that are not reached by cable TV can still enjoy their favorite shows, sporting events, and movies, in high quality definition, thanks to satellite television.

There are reasons why more and more people are switching to satellite TV systems instead of cable TV subscriptions.  It offers solutions to common problems and complaints that go along with broadcast and cable TV.

It’s More Affordable

Cable TV subscribers know how costly it is to get cable.  But with satellite TV systems, you get value for your money.  You not only pay lesser fees, but you also get more features in return!

Monthly fees for satellite television are much cheaper compared to cable TV.  But even so, this doesn’t mean that you’re getting fewer features.  In fact, satellite TV providers offer different packages that allow you to make the most out of your dollar.

Many satellite TV providers offer a wide assortment of programming packages made to suit all types of TV viewers.  So whether you’re in for movies, music, TV series, cartoons, lifestyle, travel, or whatever, you’re sure to find the best package for you.  But if you still can’t find the perfect package to accommodate your varying tastes, you can come up with your own package since most satellite TV providers offer flexible arrangements.

Also, unlike cable TV companies, satellite TV providers do not charge installation and activations fees.  And, they also allow you to put up four television sets in one location, which is very cost-efficient.

Superb Digital Quality

Because satellite TV does not use TV antennas or cable lines, you’re sure to always be able to watch your favorite TV shows without interruptions.  Satellite TV systems make use of digital quality programming to give you clearer and sharper pictures, unlike analog TV.

More Hardware Benefits

DVR function is something many TV viewers want, as it allows you to record your preferred television shows even when you’re away.  There are some cable TV companies that offer this function, but you have to pay a certain fee.  But with most satellite TV providers, the DVR function is something given for free, even if you don’t sign up for the most feature-packed package.

The DVR function in satellite TV systems is also more convenient, since it does not need another storage device to store your recorded shows.  It automatically stores it into your system.  Also, it has more hard disk space, so you can record a lot of your favorite TV shows.

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