Satellite TV is the latest craze in television nowadays, and if you want your TV reception to come crisp and clear, this is definitely the choice for you. The technology makes use of satellites orbiting the Earth to transmit satellite TV signals to be received by satellite decoders or descramblers in people’s homes. Because it doesn’t use cables and wires, you’re sure to find satellite TV more reliable than broadcast or cable TV.

And because these satellites are scattered all over Earth, you can enjoy satellite TV viewing no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the United States, Japan, or Canada, satellite TV is sure to reach you.

However, because of some rules and government policies in some nations, satellite TV is not as popular as in other countries. Let’s take the case of Canadian satellite TV and the United States satellite TV, for example.

The CRTC or Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission is the governing body responsible for handling communications in Canada. This is parallel to the United State’s FCC. The CRTC believes that if Canada is exposed to too much American TV shows and programs, the Canadians might lose their culture. Although this is reasonable, some people still have their doubts on the true purpose of limiting American TV in Canada. Some actually believe that this is just an excuse to protect Canadian shows and to actually have an assured audience for Canadian shows like the CBC, which is government owned.

This is the reason why you have to go through Canadian satellite TV if you want to enjoy the satellite TV experience in Canada. American satellite TV companies are not legal in Canada, and thus your choices immediately become limited.

Also, because there is not much competition when it comes to Canadian satellite TV, since the American satellite TV is out of the picture, service providers tend to offer fewer options to their consumers. They are also relatively late in introducing new technologies and features to the public.

What used to be a leading country in terms of cable and broadcast technologies is now lagging behind in Canadian satellite TV, because of the protective policies of CRTC.

One major complaint of Canadian satellite TV is that decoders or receivers are not equipped with HD capabilities as well as DVR function, and an impressive 250 Gig Hard Disk Drive. Although these are not yet available in Canada, Canadians are very excited for the introduction of such products to make the satellite TV watching experience even more fun and enjoyable.

Nevertheless, satellite TV in Canada is still something you want to give a try. It’s way better than having broadcast or cable TV, and if you’re someone who wants to enjoy TV watching, then surely getting a satellite TV systems will be worth the investment. Although some features may not be at par with satellite TV technologies found in other countries, it still is the better choice when it comes to TV viewing, as opposed to broadcast or cable TV.