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  1. Resolved Question: Cheap cars to modify? - Can somebody suggest some good cars I can probably tune my self? Something under 5 grand, and manual, and easy to find
  2. Resolved Question: Suburau wrx or MItsubishi lancer Evo? - Getting first car in 3 or 4 month. I don't know witch to get its going be used Forsure but its going be from the year 2007 up. Witch one do you think is better? Witch ever I get its going be manual
  3. Open Question: Which lanyard looks better? - The one that says motors:$%28KGrHqVHJDkE8f%295k6mjBPJJJ%29mRF!~~60_35.JPG Or this one:$T2eC16VHJGQFFhvhl+LiBRlWz%29!thg~~60_35.JPG
  4. Resolved Question: Is this a good way to buy a car? (Second post)? - In the other post i didnt add all the details.. Well my dad wants to buy me a car cause I have been doing really good in school. I have my liscense already. He said a new or used car dosent matter unless it doesn't pass 24k but I like a Mitsubishi lancer Evo 2010 that costs 26k I have a job. Will it be a great Idea if I tell him ill pay half and he pays half if I tell him to buy the car of 26k? Insurance I will pay half to but were not putting that I'm driving the car were putting my mom is driving it. And I'm driving hers. Gas,maitnence,etc.. I will be doing it! This is car is not a sports car if you say it is -_- it's a rally car big difference!
  5. Open Question: Will a mitsubishi lancer evo 4 centre glove box fit in a mitsubishi lance glxi or ceii? - I'm talking about the centre glove box between the driver and passenger seat and have you ever done this or know a website that will give me the answer?
  6. Resolved Question: Question during Job interview.? - I'm going to have a job interview in about 4 days at a steakhouse restaurant. My friend who works there said during the interview the will ask me 3 things I'm good at and 3 things I'm not. I really need this job so I can save up for a mitsubishi lancer evo so it's very important that I impress the manager. I'm dressing up and wearing a tie so I look serious about the job which I am. But my question is what can I say for the 3 things I'm not good at? Obviously you don't know me so that makes it difficult to answer but I want the 3 thing I'm not good at to actually be strengths of mine. I've thought of a couple but I would like some more ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Resolved Question: Subaru Impreza WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR? - Which car in your opinion is the best?
  8. Resolved Question: Sporty 4 door cars? Or enough room for a baby.? - Can anyone tell me of some sporty 4 door cars? im having a baby soon and have to get rid of my mustang for a way better gas mileage and and roomier car. before I got pregnant I liked cars like the scion tc, cobalt, eclipse, etc....all the sporty two door cars. But since I have to get a new car, I want to stay with the sporty look as much as possible but still have enough room for a baby.... I would really like something like a Saturn ion....because it stillhas the half back door. but I cant seem to find any that are automatic. I cant drive a five speed..... and I do have a price range...probably nothing more than 7000-8000. please help? lol
  9. Resolved Question: why do people keep tailgating my car.? - I recently bought a red Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo....and people wont stop tailgating me it's like they want me to tear it up 24/7. I lost my front bumper today cuz some dick wouldn't let me merge to catch an off ramp on the highway and I crashed into a plastic retainer.
  10. Resolved Question: How much hp do you get from a tune up? - My cousin has a a stock engine in his 2013 Mitsubishi lancer Evo. If he tunes it up how much more hp will he get? Or can you not tune it up if its a stock engine?
  11. Resolved Question: Are there any reasonably priced cars that have a flappy paddle gearbox? - I'm looking for a new car, and I want to buy a sedan or even hatchback. But I want it a little bit more sporty, like having a flappy paddle gearbox (the one lamborghini, Ferrari has at the back of the steering), to replace the normal gearbox lever. So any suggestions for a reasonably priced sedan or hatchbacks that will have a flappy paddle gearbox ? My budget is probably around USD $50000 thanks
  12. Resolved Question: 16 year old insurance cost? - I'm a 16 year old boy and I'm getting ready to get my first car. My dad has given me options: 2003 Mitsubishi EVO 8, 2004-2005 Subaru WRX STI, or a 2003 BMW M3 E46? I was just wondering how much the insurance would be for each car.
  13. Resolved Question: what can I do to make my evo mr edition faster? - I have a 2005 mitsubishi lancer evo mr edition, Im doing 0-60 in 4.7 sec. every week me and my boys go to the track and drag race. I just bought this car about 2 months ago and now that I have money saved up I want to know what I can do to make it go under 4 sec in 0-60 or under 3.5 sec flat . I know its not impossible, my budget is 15k one of my budys has a 2014 shelby gt that always destroys us in the quarter mile. with its 600+ hp . I really want to shut him up with that american muscle car even tho mine always win in the track for its amazing steering although my friend gets real close with his 325i. Any ideas on what I can do? thx my mistake on the 325i, its a 2002 bmw m3
  14. Resolved Question: Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru WRX STI? - For my first car, my dad wants me to get a 2003 Mitsubishi Evo or a 2002-2004 Subaru WRX STI? Which one should I choose and why?
  15. Voting Question: What is your dream car? - If you could have 1 car, for free... what would you buy? or if you were a billionaire... what cars would be in your car collection? My dream car is a 2012 Nissan GT-R V-spec, but if i had a lot of money i would have The GT-R, an Audi S5 (blacked out), a 87 Buick Grand National, a White R8, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7, How bout you?
  16. Open Question: Nissan skyline r34 or Mitsubishi Evo 7? - Which car should I buy and why?
  17. Resolved Question: What is a good import car to mod/tune? - I'm looking for a good car to mod/tune and some aftermarket parts for it as well. Thank you
  18. Resolved Question: What's the difference between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the regular Lancer?
  19. Resolved Question: Whats a good tuner car? - Would you prefer a mitsubishi eclipse or a lancer? idk give me some suggestions on some cars preferabally automatic c:
  20. Resolved Question: 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander has less power? - I have a 2010 Outlander GT and when I first got it, I could chirp the wheel in 2nd gear let alone first. In first gear I could raise lots of smoke. The tires were brand new too. Now after 3 years. I did a full throttle acceleration from 0mph and it didnt even chirp first. The tires are the same but much more tread has gone. I tried to brake boost a day later and nothing. It also feels like it has to downshift more to get up a hill I go on everyday thats pretty steep. Has it lost power?