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  1. Resolved Question: what can I do to make my evo mr edition faster? - I have a 2005 mitsubishi lancer evo mr edition, Im doing 0-60 in 4.7 sec. every week me and my boys go to the track and drag race. I just bought this car about 2 months ago and now that I have money saved up I want to know what I can do to make it go under 4 sec in 0-60 or under 3.5 sec flat . I know its not impossible, my budget is 15k one of my budys has a 2014 shelby gt that always destroys us in the quarter mile. with its 600+ hp . I really want to shut him up with that american muscle car even tho mine always win in the track for its amazing steering although my friend gets real close with his 325i. Any ideas on what I can do? thx my mistake on the 325i, its a 2002 bmw m3
  2. Resolved Question: Mitsubishi Evo Viii vs Evo IX Mr? - Which is better? I heard the 8s are better for heavy mods and higher hp, while the 9s are better for bolt ons? I'm looking to heavily modify an evo I've found. Which gen responds better with higher horses?
  3. Open Question: What's better and evo or Sti? - What's better to have? I like showing off cars haha. Whats better in your opinion to get Mitsubishi lancer evo or Subaru WRX STI? Speed,looks,etc?
  4. Voting Question: Is this a good way to buy a car? - Well my dad wants to buy me a car cause I have been doing really good in school. I have my liscense already. He said a new or used car dosent matter unless it doesn't pass 24k but I like a Mitsubishi lancer Evo 2010 that costs 26k I have a job. Will it be a great Idea if I tell him ill pay half and he pays half if I tell him to buy the car of 26k?
  5. Resolved Question: Are there any reasonably priced cars that have a flappy paddle gearbox? - I'm looking for a new car, and I want to buy a sedan or even hatchback. But I want it a little bit more sporty, like having a flappy paddle gearbox (the one lamborghini, Ferrari has at the back of the steering), to replace the normal gearbox lever. So any suggestions for a reasonably priced sedan or hatchbacks that will have a flappy paddle gearbox ? My budget is probably around USD $50000 thanks
  6. Resolved Question: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo? - I'm thinking of getting a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, but the price tag is almost 50k (with all the sat nav and stuff) Is it worth it? are they as fun and reliable as everyone acts like? I know Jackie Chan has one so they cant be awful. but it looks like a really expensive Subaru Impreza that's a bit more focused on tarmac performance.
  7. Resolved Question: Megan Racing turbo back exhaust on 2006 EVO MR? - I am currently looking at Megan Racing turbo back exhaust for my 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. I have never modded a car before and came across it on a website. My question: Has anyone bought Megan Racing products and if so, have they ever had any problems with their products and if so what would you recommend? Any and all inputs are taken into account.
  8. Resolved Question: Cars similar to Subaru wrx Sti and audi s4? - I'm looking for some cars that are similar to Subaru Wrx Sti and Audi s4, I'm going for a fast sedan type of car. Thanks
  9. Resolved Question: Suburau wrx or MItsubishi lancer Evo? - Getting first car in 3 or 4 month. I don't know witch to get its going be used Forsure but its going be from the year 2007 up. Witch one do you think is better? Witch ever I get its going be manual
  10. Resolved Question: Subaru Impreza WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR? - Which car in your opinion is the best?
  11. Resolved Question: What is a good import car to mod/tune? - I'm looking for a good car to mod/tune and some aftermarket parts for it as well. Thank you
  12. Open Question: Nissan skyline r34 or Mitsubishi Evo 7? - Which car should I buy and why?
  13. Resolved Question: Someone wrecked my brother's car over night? - Now this is the story. He has had this car for around 6 months only its the mitsubishi evo vii he bought it for around 18k. He always checks his car after every time he took it on a long trip like oil, coolant etc) . One night he didnt close the hood properly so it was left openned over night and he also forgot to lock his car. Now this is not a big problem because he does not leave any valuable things. But the tragedy happenned in the mornning when he was abt to go to work. He does not have the habits of warming up his engine before driving and instead he always turn on his loud badass music first before starting the car. He drove it in less than 1 minutes the engine was totally destroyed. Towed it to the mechanic and they said the engine oil tank was filled with lots of external shit , dust, tiny rocks and sand like someone actually put it in. I have never ever experienced this before and the result was engine rebuild . He hasnt bought his insurance yet so theres no way we can reach them for help. I know anyone who love cars and own a car like the evo wouldnt want to know its engine was totally fucked up. Do u think is there anything i can do to track these guys down and make them responsible ? :(
  14. Resolved Question: i would like a sports car kinda similar to the mazda rx8 but without the engine problems? - i really like the rx8 but there are just to many issues with the engine to bother so i was wondering if there was something out there that is similar, i know its a unique car but id like a car thats, fast, comfy and doesn't need tons of money put into small repairs, what are some models worth looking at?
  15. Voting Question: What is your dream car? - If you could have 1 car, for free... what would you buy? or if you were a billionaire... what cars would be in your car collection? My dream car is a 2012 Nissan GT-R V-spec, but if i had a lot of money i would have The GT-R, an Audi S5 (blacked out), a 87 Buick Grand National, a White R8, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7, How bout you?
  16. Voting Question: Im 5'5 you guys think that i can drive a 2008 mitsubishi evo x?
  17. Resolved Question: Question about a Mitsubishi lancer Evo? - Well I want to get one but I'm short haha :( I'm 5"3 am I to short to drive one?
  18. Resolved Question: What Cars Come Stock Turbo? - i am looking to get a fast car. i want one already turbo charge so it goes fast without putting much into it. i have a $15000 limit on how much money i can spend on the car. so does anybody have some models that come turbo charged around 1995 to now. and also know of parts that can go into it to make it more fast than it already not real good with cars. any help will be greatly apreciated
  19. Open Question: What car is better evo x or Subaru Sti 2011? - What's better to have? I like showing off cars haha. Whats better in your opinion to get Mitsubishi lancer evo or Subaru WRX STI? Speed,looks,etc?
  20. Resolved Question: 16 year old insurance cost? - I'm a 16 year old boy and I'm getting ready to get my first car. My dad has given me options: 2003 Mitsubishi EVO 8, 2004-2005 Subaru WRX STI, or a 2003 BMW M3 E46? I was just wondering how much the insurance would be for each car.