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Television viewing will never be the same again with the advent of satellite television.  Satellite TV makes use of satellites orbiting in space, to transmit TV signals to your satellite dish or receiver.  It uses more advanced technology that erases the need for wires and cables, making your TV reception clearer and crisper, and definitely more reliable.

Today, many people have satellite dishes atop their homes, but the use of this technology does not stop there.  Mobile satellite TV has been around for quite some time, but its use was limited to vehicles with a lot of space to carry a bulky and big satellite dish, such as in boats, RVs and buses.  But with a new compact and low-profile antenna introduced in the market, car satellite TV is now the latest craze in mobile TV watching.

Although watching the television while driving a vehicle is dangerous and may be in fact considered illegal in some areas, there’s no problem with your passengers watching the car satellite TV.  The question now arises, “How does it benefit me when I can’t watch it while I’m driving?”

It’s Like Candy For Your Kids

Well, just imagine going on a long trip while taking your three small kids with you.  Long trips make children crabby, noisy, and grumpy.  After a few hours, they’ll be screaming, grabbing at each other’s hair, crying, spilling milk all over, and calling your attention endlessly.  All this can distract you from driving and can ultimately spoil your travel.

But with a car satellite TV installed in your vehicle, you can keep your kids behaved by letting them watch their favorite shows.  This way, they are kept occupied and they become silent.  This is also more enjoyable to them compared to just sitting around in your car, and you get the benefit of peace.  Whether your kids want to watch cartoons, movies, kid’s shows, or whatever, they’re sure to find the perfect channel for them to watch.

TV at its Best – Even in Motion

This is because of the technology behind car satellite TV.  There are a lot of satellites orbiting the earth, ready to transmit signals to your receiver.  That’s why wherever you are in the country, you still get clear and crisp digital satellite television signals on your car TV, even when in motion.

Of course, this works best when you are driving in open areas and roads where there are less obstructions such as high buildings.  Obstructions can block out the signals, and affect your TV reception.

Your Own Theater

Say goodbye to drive-in theaters, and say hello to your very own driving theater.  With a car satellite TV, you and your friends never have to visit theaters to watch your favorite movies or sports events.  You can have a chill-out party right in your very car!  Invite your friends over, take them to a favorite spot, or drive them all over town while watching your favorite TV shows.  This is a great bonding experience, especially for those that can’t get enough of television.