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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Intro: Why satellite retailer is important when ordering satellite TV deals?

There are hundreds or even thousands of scammers in the satellite TV online business. Most of them claim that they are offering the best satellite dish deals and promotions. Their websites might look professional to lure unsuspecting customers; they might be offering extremely low monthly subscription rates, next-day installation, and unlimited number of free satellite systems in their promotions. However once the customer signs up on the deal and submit their credit card info, they find hidden activation fees, high shipping costs for free extras, installation dates continuously missed or pushed back, and outrageous cancellation fees. In short, a bargain that looks great at first turned out to be a nightmare.

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Without doubts getting a reliable and honest satellite TV retailer is crucial when ordering your Dish Network or DirecTV deals. You might not be getting extra bargains or free gifts from a reliable retailer, but your money is placed with some company that will take your business seriously and provide good customer service before and after the sale. Isn?t that the most important part in sealing a good deal?

Tips on picking up the right satellite retailers

If you are looking for satellite deals when reading this article, here are a few tips for you when choosing the right satellite dealer, you might want to filter out the scammers in your list and avoid facing unwanted hassles in your satellite TV deals.

Good sign of reputable satellite TV retailers:

- Authorized by Dish Network and DirecTV officials
- Provides 24-7 customer call support
- Certified by authorities on low price guarantees (BBB Online for example)
- Provides safe shopping environment (secure server, hacker free website)
- Provides full money return if installation fails
- Positive customer feedbacks and testimonial
- No hidden fees in the credit card bill
- Preferably is in business for some time (1 year to be least)

Sign of bad satellite TV retailers:

- Dealer fails to provide valid offline contacts
- Dealer offers promotion that sounds ridiculously good
- Fees and charges are not listed clearly when asking for credit card info
- Dealer owns a spammy website (look for keyword stuffing and hidden text)

Ordering your satellite deals via online retailers

You might be questioning: Why should I order my satellite TV deals online if it involve this much of risks?

Listing out tips above doesn?t mean that Internet is not a safe place to shop for your satellite system. In fact, most good satellite deals are found on the net as online retailers are those who can afford to give extra bargains due to their low biz operation cost.

The start up cost for online satellite TV retailers is much lower than the brick and mortal retailers. Thus, online satellite TV retailers offer the best bargains in satellite TV services. In order to win the market share, some online retailers even offer incentive gifts to their customers. Home theater systems, DVD players, digital cameras are given free to win more customers. More over, ordering your satellite TV deals online is instant and easy. All you need to do is just a few clicks on your PC and stay at home at the scheduled installation time. The retailers that have been around a few years have this process streamlined for efficiency.

Learn more about the satellite retailers before you get into any satellite TV deals. Shoppers are advised to review and compare each retailers before taking out your credit card.

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